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Welcome to the FSUW-Fire Safe Use of Wood website

A network of leading European experts for fire safety has been created.

Members of the network are representatives of forest, wood industries, fire regulators and researchers from the fire safe sector.

Altogether there are representatives from nearly all member states (A, CH, FIN, F, Ger, NL, S, UK,...)

Key tasks:
Enlargement of fires safe use of wood based products by

� wider and more similar acceptance leading to less barriers in Europe

� Collecting State of the Art data base concerning research results in on-going

� exchange of experience an new knowledge for basis of more harmonised regulations and guidance

� further understanding and devolepment of design tools (design fires, FSE, Eurocode 5, risk analysis)

� Creating a Website for exchange of information for better understanding

Fire Safe Use of Wood - network description as one outcome of European Networking-Wood Activities

Wood has good fire performances ¡V when timber burns it builds up a protective char layer which insulates the remaining section.

This and its low co-efficient of expansion mean its mechanical properties are less affected by fire than other materials like steel, which can buckle and collapse at temperatures little higher than the ignition point for timber.

20.9.07 17th_FSUW_meeting_20th_September_2007_Stockholm Trätek
26.4.07 16th_FSUW_meeting_ 22th April 2007_TU Munich
12.2.07 15th_FSUW_meeting_15 th Februar 2007 Paris
18.11.06 14th_FSUW_meeting_22.November 2006_Helsinki_Finland
21.4.06 Fire Safety Timber Engineering CONFERENCE 25. April 200...